Plus Addressed Email

I noticed a new feature with creating nicknames and additional email addresses for my main one. But what’s the point of this function if it doesn’t hide my main function address at all like AnonAddy or SimpleLogin do?

Why should I create such a weird alias that doesn’t hide me and I can’t delete it either.

You would be able to distinguish to whom you provided which eMail address. This for example is helpful to find out who may have sold or leaked your data or just got hacked. If this did happen you can use rules to move those eMail-addresses to the junk-mail-folder or delete them immediately. And by doing this no matter how much spam you will get your inbox still will look ok.

For more details click onto the (?) next to “Username Type” or just go here:

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Plus email addressing is not an alias service like AnonAddy which acts like a middleman between the sender and your email provider.

Bitwarden will not have access to you emails or nor does it relays the email for you.
The plus email addressing is provided by your email provider itself and you can make your own by just adding a “+” after your email.
As peter pointed out this is useful to filter out too many spam emails from a service you signed up , so that you can directly identify it and add that plus address to your junk and you’ll never see it again. Bitwarden is just helping you automatically generate one and save it for you without needing to remember.

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