Please, update FAQ section with on-promise hosting

I spent a lot of time to understand why my bitwarden instance not working after moving to another host at local network.

First i checked

Some particularly important parts of the ./bwdata directory are:

  • ./bwdata/mssql/data - database data

But this is not true. For current time bitwarden db stored not in bwdata/mssql, it is stored in docker volume, named mssql_data.

So to migrate to another host you need to copy bwdata folder and contents of volume mssql_data.

To find volume you can run this command:

docker volume ls|grep mssql_data

To backup:

mkdir backup
docker run -v docker_mssql_data:/volume -v $(pwd)/backup:/backup --rm loomchild/volume-backup backup docker_mssql_data

copy backup folder to new host machine and restore:

docker run -v docker_mssql_data:/volume -v $(pwd)/backup:/backup --rm loomchild/volume-backup restore docker_mssql_data

I hope this will help someone.

Sounds like you are using macOS? That’s that only platform that uses docker volume instead of a mapped volume.

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Yes, i have a lot of macs.