Please put links to feature explanations in Pricing page

Pricing For You | Bitwarden → the page has a nice list of features, and as a new Bitwarden user I’d say that half of those are either obscure to me, or make me feel that I should do some research before deciding to adopt.

To be clear, this request is not about supporting me with answers, it’s about helping others find answers in a more convinient way.

Just some examples of questions I had when first reading the page:
“Max Collections” – I don’t have the faintest idea of what collections are
“Encrypted Export” – how does it work? will I be able to decrypt that using third-party tools like GPG in case of Bitwarden service unavailability?
“Vault health reports” – what does it mean? what information will it give to me?
“Emergency Access” – how does it work? will it defeat the zero-knowledge I require from Bitwarden’s server?
“Priority Support” – what does it mean? What level of support it entails?

Now, I have searched some of those on Google and found the answers myself on other parts of the Biwarden site. But I feel that page could do a much better work of explaining to others why it would be worthy to pay for a subscription.

Turning each feature title into a link to a nice explanation page could go a long way in that direction.

Welcome to the community,
The Bitwarden Help Centre answers pretty much all your questions. Do check out:Help Center | Bitwarden Help & Support
There is a handy search bar as well. If you have any more questions, please leave a reply.

Lorem says that they have, “found the answers myself on other parts of the Biwarden site”.

The suggestion is that links are made in the pricing page to the relevant part of the help area on the website.

I think that this is a good suggestion, though it does introduce the slight difficulty of keeping these links-up-to-date (not insurmountable these days, depending on the content management system which is used)…


Right, this request is not about supporting me with answers, it’s about helping others find answers in a more convinient way.

I also don’t think the (really minimal) effort needed should be a blocker, if the change results in more people being convinced to pay for a subscription.

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OK. Now I understand…
The Bitwarden web vault has small question mark(?) icons next to the various tools and features. This is just an example.

Yeah, a similar approach for the Bitwarden pricing page would be great.


Good point, which I hadn’t thought of.

Password managers probably involve a lot of thought for many people, before they take the plunge. Not everyone will have the inclination to find the information themselves, a link may be useful to nudge some into adoption.

I tried Bitwarden out as a free version for a few months, before deciding to buy a subscription. However, before that I had to think it through carefully. “The idea is for me to put all my passwords onto a cloud service, running on Microsoft computers in the USA! Is that wise?”

Yes, this is needed. As well as an all features page.

Each feature should be a link that takes you to a video that explains what the feature is and how it works . 2 minute or less videos