Please ID valid entries for each heading in Bitwarden's CSV file format

Can someone please tell me what valid entries are for each column in the CSV files?
Most are self explanatory. Please correct me where I’m wrong. Thanks.

folder [any text string as already exists in the vault *]
favorite [any numeric? but what does it signify?]
type [login - what other values are also valid?]
name [Any text to ID that entry?]
notes [any text string other than NAME for some other reason]
fields [any text string other than NAME or NOTES for some other reason]
reprompt [Unknown]
login_uri [Site URL]
login_username [UserID]
login_password [Password]
login_totp [Unknown]

  • If folder name is not already in the vault I assume an import will create that folder

Did I miss any?
Thanks all,

I do not know about this, but here is what I would do:
Create some dummy items inside Bitwarden, then export them as CSV and then take a look at that file.

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