Please help, cannot login anymore with master password

Dear fellows,
I am new and I am a bit despaired.
I cannot Log in anymore but I need my Passwords to work on Monday. I already contacted the support, but perhaps You can give me tips…
The Master Password is correct as I could login today in my Iphone App but not in the browser.
Meanwhile the APP from Iphone is also not working anymore…
Error: Traffic from your networklooks unusual. connect to a different network or try again later. Error Code 7.
What can I do? I am not sure if I had used the right tags…
THX in forward and best regards Susanne

@19sanne Welcome to the forum!

Have you already followed the various suggestions provided in the Help Center article on “Unusual Traffic” errors? Basically, it suggests that you update your Bitwarden client app and then use different methods to try to obtain a different IP address for your internet connection. The article also lists 5-6 pieces of information that you need to provide to Tech Support if you were unable to resolve the issue on your own.

FYI, the error is caused because there is something about your IP address that is suspicious (e.g., it may be within a range of IP addresses that have been used for malicious purposes). For this reason, it is likely that the error will go away on its own when you connect to the internet at your place of employment on Monday (assuming that you don’t work from home).