Please add time to password history

I’m a Lastpass user, Lastpass provides password history with timestamp. It helps me to identity the date i registered the account.
To me it’s really helpful.

Noted - this makes sense! Can you help out with any context around your use cases to help us understand anything else in regard to password changes / time that may be beneficial?

Sometimes when I register an account, they don’t send verification emails. So actually the date when I generated my password becomes the only thing reliable.
I can think of three use cases right now:

  1. Sometimes Google blocks me from logging in, and when i try to recover my account, the date i created my account is one of those questions it will ask. I do check password history for the date.
  2. I have three accounts for one particular website, and by looking up the password time it reminds me of when and under what circumstances did i created it.
  3. It makes “changing password periodically” easier.