Please add creation date & time to entry (like updated)

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    : It will show creation time of an entry.

Currently, bitwarden shows only updated date & time. It’ll be great if creation time is also added below updated time. (example below)

[Note: It’s just an html edit to clarify the request.]

Use case

Sometimes I need to know when I created an account. But if I don’t change the password, (like only added something to notes or custom field) I am unable to know the time I created it. Because there will be no password history.

Related topics + references

KeepassXC has this feature which shows both creation and modification time.


What I do as a simple workaround is add the creation date and the date the password was last changed in the “Notes” field.

The advantage of this workaround is that I can set any dates I want. This is very useful because:

  1. Bitwarden still has no “unshare” functionality. To unshare an item, you have to create a new item and delete the old one. That would probably cause the creation date to be wrong, but with this workaround, you can set it to whatever you like.

  2. Sometimes I’ll create a login, but not have time (or access) to enter it into Bitwarden right away. The workaround lets me specify the actual creation date of the account/password, instead of the date that I created the Bitwarden item. Generally, the date the account was created (or password changed) is what I actually want, and not the date I created the item in Bitwarden.

Overall, if this is ever implemented in Bitwarden, I would like the fields to be editable.

you got a good point.

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Feature name

Add a Date Created and Date Modified field to all Bitwarden entries

Feature function

This feature will add a “Date Created” and a “Date Modified” field or immutable text box to all views for each password entry (i.e., both the view and the edit page). It will show when each entry was first created, and when it was last modified/updated.

This is helpful in determining the context for lots of accounts.

The modification date is already available, and visible in the item View page (below is an example from the browser extension):

If you want it visible also in the item Edit page, it may be helpful to describe a use-case.

I have seen that.

It would be helpful to have the Updated and Created dates on both the Edit and View pages, because sometimes when you’re writing a note about an account in the Notes section, it’s helpful to have the context of when your account was created.

For example, you may leave a note about a previous insecure password that was used, a previous data leak the account was a part of, etc. because you see that the account is old enough to be have been involved in former bad password security and/or old data leaks.

I am new to Bitwarden. I hope this is the right place for this request. Maybe I am missing something, but I would like to see the date the password field was changed.
The current date and time stamp at the bottom seems to update when ANY field is changed. Like updating the text. After recently going through and updating all my PWs after the LastPass issues. It would really be helpful to see the last date the PW was updated. Now i am forced to manually add the date in the text. If it were automatic, it could be included a folder view so you can see how old password are in your vault.

@Toadenator Welcome to the forum!

Bitwarden stores a history of your five must recent password changes, along with the date and time that each of the former passwords was replaced. For example, in the browser extension, open a login item for viewing, and then scroll to the bottom of the item. If you have made a password change in the past, you should see not only the time stamps for when the item was created and updated, but also a time stamp for when the most recent password change was made. Below that time stamp, it should say “Password history” with a number representing the number of passwords saved in the history. Click on that number to see the old passwords, along with the time stamps for when each password was replaced by a newer password.

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@grb Thank you! I see that now. I had only put in PWs the first time having switched from LastPass. Then only tested updating a note. Sorry I missed that. Do you know if there any plans to make the PW date available in a view or report so you don’t have to open each item to see when the PW was last changed?

Thanks again!

Yes, there are some plans in the works, apparently. Perhaps @bw-admin can provide an update.

In the meantime, if you install the Bitwarden CLI client, you can open a PowerShell window and try one of the methods described in this comment:

Thanks for checking in, no additional updates at this time, but we’ll be sure to share more as information becomes available :+1:

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In Avoid being defeated by Zendesk
we see how a potentially panicked user couldn’t find a password he recently saved,
even looking in a CSV dump. If a date field were present he would have been able to find the newest passwords.

(I just did a simple csv export from the CLI. Maybe there still is an option to include the date. I don’t know.)

As for the ability to edit a date, I wouldn’t 2nd guess a user. It’s his data. Give him the ability.

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