Avoid being defeated by Zendesk

OK, so I wanted to post in
but to do that I needed to make an account.

So I did. And first Bitwarden, and, one web page later, Chrome also then
asked me if I wanted to save my password. I clicked yes to both.

So what did they save them as?





Testing logging out and logging back in again,
only Chrome was there, willing to fill in my password.

As you see, there in the vault, the string “caltopo” was totally
disassociated with the password. The only way to dig it out would be
to sort by latest entries - a piece of information that is alas not apparently saved.

Yes, Zendesk is a special case. So Bitwarden needs to take a lesson from
Chrome when dealing with it (waiting until the next page?)
No, the user never types Zendesk in any URL bar. Only caltopo.

Yes Zendesk is a common third party support outsourcing company for software companies and web based retailers. BitWarden should read the entire address portion of the URL and not just the domain name. I have over 100 zendesk accounts for various software applications and web merchants. BitWarden does not handle ZenDesk logins as RoboForm, Blur/IronVest, LastPass do.

This is easily addressed by just changing the URI Match Detection method (either the default method, or the item-specific method) to Host.

Bitwarden does have the entire URL string, but depending on user preferences, it either uses just the base domain for matching, or other parts of the URL, as well.

Well all I know is few users would figure that out, so Bitwarden perhaps should be “ready for Zendesk out of the box,” having established that default for Zendesk already.