Plausible username generator(catch-all)

Feature name

  • Option to generate random email addresses that looks like they could be real accounts.

Feature function

Today you can generate a random catch-all email address. This address looks like a password and it’s obvious random.

As an addition there could be an option to generate addresses that looks like it could be a real account.
The implementation would pick random names, words and maybe some numbers.


  • Harder to know that the email is random
  • Easier to say or type by humans, for example when communicating over the phone or in person

Hey there, can you share more information about this one? It sounds like it is for the actual email generating services themselves?

I’m not familiar with the service.

This idea came from the username generator inside the app(Android).
In the one I used: go to Generator, Username, catch-all, then specify your own domain.

To implement the idea the app would need a quite large word list.

Have you tried the “Random Word” option in the username generator? It produces output such as starlight4171, conceded2428, repent4797. Then you can just manually insert your email domain at the end (e.g. [email protected]).

Perhaps the username generator options could be finessed, so that the “Catch-all” option and the “Random word” option are combined and offered in two flavors: “random string” and “random word”; then automatically add the @ and the domain name if one has been specified, and don’t add the @ if no domain name has been specified. The “plus addressed email” option could also be rolled in to this scheme, and probably also the “forwarded email alias” option (although I don’t know enough about that option to be sure).

Basically, the generator could have a plain username option (not an email), as well as the different forms of email addresses (plus-addressing or catch-all), and for each option, offer 2-3 flavors of entropy: random string, random word, and possibly also random phrase (2 or more random words separated by a ., - or _ character).

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Yes exactly.

I missed the random word option so I wasn’t aware of it when I started this thread.

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