PIN codes in vault

I currently save all my pin codes as login informations since secure notes won’t hide them and this is a bit unpractical.

I tried secure notes first but the note is not hidden when you browse the vault even if you have the master password promt enabled.

At least I have dozens of pin codes that are difficult to remember so the most obvious place for them is in Bitwarden also.

Hi @upstroke_hastiness97 and welcome,

Have you checked out Bitwarden’s custom fields? These are available for all vault item types such as logins and secure notes.

While they are great to use for autofill for additional form fields. They can also be used to store additional data related to an item.
Some things may include:

  • PINS
  • Site security questions & “answers” (I personally treat each security question as an additional password and do not answer these truthfully)
  • Card PINs and bank account info
  • Identity information such as an ID card number, or SSN
  • Additional secure notes information, such as a PGP Private key

There are multiple different custom field types depending on your needs, but for the secure ones you do not want easily visible to shoulder surfing the Hidden custom field option is a personal favorite.


On a separate note here, as I understand the team is reworking how the Master Password Re-prompt functions to hide the entire item behind the reprompt to prevent from easily viewing notes, TOTP codes, etc.

Though the previous option for the Hidden custom fields is currently available to use and also allows for easy copy of the individual data.

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Custom fields did solve my problem with PINs and is a great way in general to store additional data to logins also. Thank you very much!

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