Pick filename when exporting Vault from browser extension

Feature name

I’d like to be able to pick the location and a file name when exporting the vault. Like when saving any file in e.g. a browser.

Feature function

This will make it possible to save the backup straight to a secure and dedicated backup medium, e.g. a USB key.

Why I really want this feature is to save the Vault export to a named pipe so the password backup doesn’t even hit disk, only ram. (Shameless plug; I wrote GitHub - simmel/bitwarden-backup: 🔐Securer and composable Bitwarden backup via named pipes or filesystem notification and e.g. PGP to do this)

This will make backups more secure and precise for users. It will give the user more options (which tends to be bad) but I’m pretty sure the “Save As” dialogue is something that all users are comfortable with.

Related topics + references

Allow exporting to vault to stdout mentions that you can do this with the CLI but I don’t really use the CLI and I don’t like that the CLI doesn’t automatically lock itself (because I will forget to lock it, that you can be sure of).

Hello @simmel - welcome to the community forums!

I am wondering what Bitwarden app/client you are using to export, and what operating system you are using? As far as I remember, all the clients allow you to save the file in a location of your choosing and you can pick the name.

You’re totally right David!

I thought I had tested it in the app but I realize now that I only tested in the browser (Firefox) plugin in Windows and Linux. Using export from the browser plugin just saves it to Downloads not allowing to change location or name.

I can’t seem to edit the text can you either make it possible for me to change the text and tags or correct it yourself?

Thank you!

Glad you got it to work the way you wanted to! And yes, I can just mark this as request for the browser extensions. Cheers.