Photos in secure notes and/or identity?

When traveling, it is often recommended to carry a photo of your passport, your vaccination record, etc. While having these numbers in my identification cards, secure notes, etc. is great, is there a way to also have an actual photo of the card/passport/license, etc. attached to the Bitwarden file?

Hello @TahoeDon - yes, secure file attachments are available in Bitwarden to Premium customers:

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I use this feature to keep scans of my passport and driving licence in my identity vault item.

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Thanks! That’s what I’m looking to do. Just didn’t know how to do it! Good idea!


Its great to have all that important stuff at your finger tips when needed. Never know when you might lose (or have stolen) a document that is essential!

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Hold the phone! You can put in all the attachments, JPEGs, documents, etc, you want: these are all LOST if you need to restore from backup. Bitwarden currently has no mechanism for saving/backing up anything but text inside form fields.

Strange, but good to know. Thanks. Perhaps something to look into for the developer.