Petition to change the color of the login counter in the Safari extension

Not a feature request, more like a very simple UX fix:


The color of the login counter in the Safari extension is extremely distracting:


Use #2A4E5F instead of the bright red color, like the Chrome extension.


Users are not easily distracted anymore.

Couldn’t post a screenshot of the Chrome extension, since new users are only allowed one media embed.

Here it is:

Hi @internetjohnny, welcome!

The Safari notification colors are red (like macOS/iOS notifications) - the last I discussed with @Hinton we actually don’t have a way to set/change those colors :slightly_frowning_face:

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That is a real shame. Well, an option to disable the notification icon would still be better than nothing. I don’t know about others’ opinions, but I find it really distracting :confused:

There is actually an option to do just that :slight_smile:

Under settings > options, you’ll see the box to check to disable the badge counter :+1:

Correct, we actually set the badge to be a different color, but if it’s not working on Safari they still don’t support that API.