Personal "Import data" should make destination explicit

I have a paid account and am part of two organizations, one of which I’m also the owner. My organizations have already moved all secrets to Bitwarden from another system some time ago, so that vault is quite filled already. Many different people have different kinds of access to organization items.

Now I’m going to move (import) my personal secrets from another system into Bitwarden too.This is super scary at the moment because the UI has no indication what the destiation of my import will be. I want to be sure my secrets don’t end up in the organization.

Compare the screens between organization “Import data”, and the personal one.

Organization (at{guid}/settings/tools/import):

Personal (at

My first hunch was that “Import Data” would have a second step where it asks me what the “Destination” vault should be (personal or an organization), but it just imports immediately.

UI and UX wise it seems easy to fix? Just have the latter screen prominently show somewhere that the destination for the import will in fact be your personal vault, and possibly even tell people where they can find organization imports (which, confusingly sits under “Settings” while the personal import sits under “Tools”).

Thanks for considering!

PS. I’ve searched the forums but found no similar feature request yet.

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Thanks for the feedback, it has been passed along to the team :+1: