Personal Cloud Synchronization

I have recently switched from Last Pass to Bitwarden, and i could not be happier. As I have used some other password managers in the past too, I think that a nice feature would be the option to backup your passwords to a personal cloud service (like Google Drive or Dropbox).

Just my tip, I use the export function which exports the vault to a CSV, then I store that in a 7zip archive encrypted and do this monthly (just in case…) so that’s an idea if you need something in the meantime.


Thanks for the tip.

The reason I am proposing this is that I have read in many forums that whilst people like Bitwarden as an idea, they would like to have a sync option to their own cloud service instead of a third party server. It is a valid argument to be fair, and I cannot deny that I would prefer that too. I am not a techy person, so I do not know host the data myself.

You can already host Bitwarden on your own server.
I don’t really see how it would be possible to use an external file sync service like Dropbox to host your Bitwarden data given the restrictions on some platforms like iOS where apps are somewhat sandboxed.

On iOS, it’s possible to access to DropBox Data. For example, 1Password can access to dropbox for data synchronisation between iOS and MacOS

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Please add this feature! I trust and love Bitwarden but accidents happen, and having a third party holding onto this critical data in an encrypted format is really re-assuring.

Standard notes is a great example of this. They create backups on Dropbox, Google Drive, etc periodically and provide an offline tool to decrypt.

Glad I’m not the only one doing this, but every month seems a bit much? I do every 6 months but you got me thinking.

A backup system would be nice I guess. I wouldn’t use it for everyday sync though.
And support for WebDAV would be a must have :slight_smile:

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+1 on this too. I’m coming from Lastpass, Roboform, Enpass, and Sticky Password. Both Enpass and Sticky Password have this feature. There really is no need to run your own server. Just sync the encrypted data to the cloud. Bitwarden will access the cloud data from all your devices.

I think you should be able to set up some backup or sync software on your PC to back up the Bitwarden app’s data file. So long as the Bitwarden app remains logged in, it keeps an encrypted copy of your vault in the app’s data file. The local copy is deleted when you log out of the app. You can always restore an old version of the app data file to see how your vault looked in the past. But you need to remember the master password you were using at the time, because it can only be unlocked & decrypted by entering that password.

I tested backing up and restoring the Firefox app’s data, and it seems to work fine. If you log into the app, back up its data file, log out of the app, restore the data file file backed up earlier, and then restart the app, you’ll be logged in again and you only need to enter your master password to unlock the vault. This works without an Internet connection. A far as I know, the app login saved in its data file never expires.

Same here. Enpass allows your to sync with all major sync services, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY sync with your own WebDav server. I have a self-hosted Seafile server (DropBox alternative) which has WebDav built in. Enpass syncing was a breeze.

With BitWarden, setting up a new server was a bit of a hassle, and I can’t possibly see a need for a web interface for my uses, ever. If I need a password on the go, I have my phone. It seems extremely unnecessary to have a whole server up and running to simply sync a password database, and a bit of a security vulnerability to boot.

It would be great it BitWarden used syncing a la 1password, and Enpass to sync your encrypted password database, and then gave the OPTION to use the self-hosted web vault.

True. But like it or not that’s yet another server/service to run from home in a sense, which is unattractive if you already have a NextCloud and that seems to be a significant user base indeed:

25 million users it seems and “Nextcloud is used by companies like SIEMENS, institutes like the German Federal government, research organizations like the Max-Planck-institute, financial enterprises like Raiffeisen and many more”

So personally I’d be all in favour of seeing a Nextcloud app that simply talks natively to bitwarden clients that is essentially a database backend for bitwarden on existing servers on one of the seemingly most popular fastest growing self hosted cloud solutions out there.

That would be awesome itself.

I would further add that given bitwarden makes a FOSS commitment itself I can’t see it being a priority supporting services like Google Drive, DropBox and more (there are loads of commercial cloud drive providers), but coordination with a values aligned project like Nextcloud a clearly attractive proposition.