Persistent Bitwarden UI and maintain unsaved data

Unfortunatelly Bitwarden discards all unsaved changes without a warning at vault timeout. I want Bitwarden to auto-lock after one minute but some registration processes take more than a minute to complete.

In my opinion Bitwarden should not be behind other password managers at this point. This “feature” leads to data loss and can lead to serious account lock out. Saving a draft of the changes requires deeper changes in Bitwarden. I would appreciate at least an option for the action automatically happening at vault timeout. Please add an option “Discard or Save Changes on vault timeout”.


Also see issue #627 on GitHub for further information. According to a contributers comment this is wanted behavior so the issue was immediately closed without action.

Currently it seems the Windows app (I’m using version 2023.5.1) will loose new entries if they are not saved and the app times out and locks.

It’s quite annoying to loose the password for a new account just created. It would be good if the app could keep the new entry (in memory) so it would be available after re-authenticating to the app after it locks.

Just posting on this thread for a +100000 for this feature. Please make this happen!


Thanks for the hint/tip to use the Firefox’s sidebar. It’s a great workaround for this issue, but can we try to get this implemented?

I’m already starting to think about another password manager.

I think it’s better to automatically save changes than to show a message. If a user inputs a new password and then leaves without hitting “cancel”, it should be assumed that they intended for the new password to be saved.

No, it should not be saved without explicitly clicking on the “Save” button. But, should be saved the form state, with temporary typed data, to be able to continue entering the data from that moment, when you missclicked outside the Birwaden popup modal.

I can suggest 3 model of behaviors.
I agree that modern work is mistakenly, there is constant duplication and foolproof protection. There is a lot of unnecessary movements.
I absolutely do not need the “edit” button. I would like the input immediately in this mode.
in general, an interesting idea, that should be reflected in the settings , without an “edit” button and without a “save” button.
but with a mandatory button “back”.
I think there is not much information in the application that can be saved 1-2 backups, which will overwrite each other.
the model is like this : you enter rigth in “change mode” and exit without additional clicks. the information must be saved + 1-2 backups. maximum working speed.
it is very rare that information is entered incorrectly. It turns out that for the sake of one erroneous click, maybe 1 time a year, it is necessary to perform unnecessary actions constantly.
2. I need a setting that turns off the “stars” all the time. 99% of people use Bitwarden, alone, when there is not a single living soul within a radius of 10 m. And with binoculars within a radius of 100 kilometers :slight_smile:

I’m curious why you say that. From my point of view, the whole concept of a “save” button is almost obsolete. If saving doesn’t consume many resources, and there’s a way to undo any change, there’s not much reason not to assume that every change the user makes is intended. And it greatly simplifies things from the user’s point of view if there’s only one state.

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I would be completely fine with the ‘auto save’ model IF:

  1. it was only in response to clicking to edit - I do not want it to go straight to a mode where it can edit/overwrite at will just cause I chose to view an entry. Note that this would not have to be edit on an entire entry, it could be a pencil or ‘click to edit’ on a field, but it should not be a ‘text field that can be edited just because you were selecting from it’.

  2. if ALL of the content could easily be rolled back to previous versions, and not just a password entry.

Practically speaking though, all of this could be addressed simply by having the Edit button trigger a popout to that entry so that it wouldn’t auto-close.

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to accidentally delete a value in a field, you need a combination of at least 2 actions :

  1. Put the mouse in the field,
  2. the movement of the mouse with the button pressed to highlight information.

is 2 purposeful actions, it is almost impossible to do this by accident.
my wish : to make an "Edit " button configurable (someone needs it, and someone does not ).
it would be the perfect solution.
I don’t need a button “Edit”, I don’t need a stars.
you can leave the "save " button.

everything looks serious on the one hand, on the other hand, it’s funny.
there’s a double protection system, but in fact, you’re just stealing my time ! I still spend seconds every time , when I enter the program to sort out the interface : to decide on these 3 buttons in a row, which one disables the stars, which one copies , which … . a fraction of a second, but it’s annoying every time !
add 10 more buttons, provided that they will be disabled in the settings.
if I need to change, I’ll press the button "edit ". there is no protection against my erroneous actions. well, that is, all this does not make much sense.
if you want to hang dozens of buttons on the program, I agree, but make them switchable off.

Bitwarden is a serious program, large-scale, no one disputes this.
But how do you compare with such a giant as Microsoft office? Starting in 2019, including the mobile version.
Passwords are important for someone, but formulas are more important for someone. microsoft office all changes in the file are saved automatically.
This is exactly the strategy I was talking about. There is a "cancel " button there. Buf there is no “save” button !
each character entered is saved automatically to the cloud. Millions people use, I think, in thousands times more than Bitwarden, and no one has complained yet.
there is no double triple foolproof, and there is backups too.
Your “edit” and stars they don’t protect anything, they just waste my time.

Great thoughts on all sides. I am not picky on the save/edit button or lack thereof and would gladly adapt to either approach. I’d just like to stop losing entered/altered data when I click outside the popup.

Though if they went the route of no save/edit buttons, it would be nice if I could undo a change (in case I deleted data or realized I was editing the wrong vault item.)

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GOD, will anybody from bitwarden do anything after 4 years of begging?


Late 2023 and still curious if this is on the roadmap. I love Bitwarden and am happilyh switching to it, but this is a usability issue. Thanks for your detailed writeup.

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This is definitely a usability issue! Too many times I’ve opened the window to get the info (or worse, to create a new entry!) and had it disappear when it loses focus. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this issue!


I want to bring another amazing behavior model (on 1 more site). – Monster of online photo storage and placement . If you want to back up your text on any forum with a photo, then most likely it will be .

MS Office Document (online)
I repeat. and MS Office Document (online) – do not have these EDIT , SAVE buttons.
These are only 2 enterprises that I remembered. There are probably hundreds of them.
Everything is done here for the sake of speed. Fundamentally changed the model of work , which is more than 40 years old ! How many more years to pull this ?
There are no extra buttons. Everything is solved using instant backup, History
Thousands of enterprises conduct their activities in MS Office Document (online). The volumes of -WORD or -EXCEL files reach tens of megabytes each.
But it was MS who first changed the outdated methods of work. Imagine if someone in 1990 suggested removing the SAVE button… How would they look at him ?
But MS did it first.
And the whole world somehow copes with this model, and successfully uses it.
Resume: I need no butons EDIT and SAVE.

BITWARDEN , don 't lag behind the progress !

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