Persist state/view when opening a pop-out window

Feature name

  • Popout should populated search items


  • Open Bitwarden in browser
  • Search for any item (twitter for e.g.). It gives you a list of twitter items
  • Click Popout to a new window. It opens in a new window but the search is reset & have to manually search again.

Expected Behavior

  • Clicking “Popup” should open in a new window but also show the search items.

Feature function

  • It will make this work very easy & fast.

Great feedback @rajeshisnepali! I’ve edited the title to reflect the request in a little more detail, but this would be a good UX improvement.

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I second this. I often find myself bringing up long Note, realising that CTRL+F doesn’t work, so I have to make many steps to Close the note, press the Pop-Out, search the note again (because of this feedback), click the note again, then finally able to CTRL+F the note.

+1 for this request. I often use the pop out feature and the option to persist the state would make it so much easier.

This request, along with the below similar one, would be great.