Persist cli unlock

Feature Name

Persist cli unlock without BW_SESSION

Feature Function

Basically, I don’t want to keep typing in my password, or save my session id to BW_SESSION

bw unlock
bw status -> unlocked
# Some about of time later (say 15 minutes, an hours,...)
bw status -> locked

Related topics + references

Why not just use BW_SESSION?

  1. Because I regularly dump my env to log files and so that’s not ideal
  2. I can’t set it in a shell script (ie. I can’t roll my own shell script to implement this feature)
  3. Ideally I’d like this to persist across terminals

--persist pull request

See Add a new option --persist-key

  • Looks to be fantastic, but seems to have stalled out (Happy to push through the pull request)
  • Ideally would like the session to be logged out after some amount of time

Prior Art