Permissions Auditor Role

Hi Bitwarden Team,

I’d like to propose a new feature that could greatly enhance the management of permissions within Bitwarden, particularly for department leaders. Currently, department leaders need to contact administrators directly to obtain a list of permissions for their respective department collections. This process can be somewhat cumbersome and time-consuming.

Proposed Feature: “Permissions Auditor” Role

Enable users assigned with the “Permissions Auditor” role to view which users have access to their collections, thereby providing transparency and oversight without granting them the ability to modify these permissions.


  • Role Name: Permissions Auditor
  • Permissions:
    • View access permissions of users within their department collections.
    • No permissions to add or remove users from collections.

This role would help department leaders to independently verify and understand access controls, ensuring they are always informed about who can access their sensitive information, without the need to alter these settings.

We believe this feature would not only reduce the administrative burden but also enhance security protocols by enabling more consistent oversight of access permissions.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your feedback and hope to see this enhancement in a future update.

Best regards,