Permission denied when copying files

I’m trying to copy the certificate files for my existing SSL certificate but I’m getting a “Permission denied” error when using the location specified in the guide where it says
" Under the default configuration, place your files in ./bwdata/ssl/your.domain ."

The path in the config file according to this is: /etc/ssl/

The nginx error.log is full of the following error:

2022/12/22 01:54:22 [emerg] 1#1: cannot load certificate “/etc/ssl/”: BIO_new_file() failed (SSL: error:02001002:system li>

I thought I had successfully moved the files from my home directory to that directory. They aren’t in the home directory anymore but they aren’t in the directory they should be either.

I’m confused why the folder doesn’t have the proper permissions.

Can someone help? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Glen_England,

You mentioned you followed the steps located in

You were able to move the .crt from your home directory, to the directory in the ./bwdata/config.yml as you specified

Did you perhaps set up a dedicated bitwarden service user for the install on your machine, or did you just run as your local user?
You may need to update the folder permissions under ./bwdata/ssl/your.domain as directed in

Can you check if you can run ls -l for the directory or the certificate?