Periodic sync between Opera Password Manager and bitWarden

This is a corollary of the #shortcoming reported here: Everytime I close my opera, Bitwarden Vault logs me out. Is there a way to ensure the vault does not logout?

Is there a way to periodically and automatically sync Opera/Google password manager with bitWarden?

When I’m using the OPERA browser, I just keep the browser open. Each night, I put my computer to sleep (I don’t do a shut-down and re-boot the next day, I use the sleep or suspend function). When I wake up my computer the next day, Opera is still up and running (because I did not “close” or “exit” the browser), and I am still logged into my Bitwarden vault.

Every couple weeks or so, I do go through a complete shutdown and re-boot of the computer, at which point, of course I have to re-enter my master password for the Bitwarden vault.