"Pending login requests" should be easier to find

The “login with device” feature is very handy, allowing us to log in to our vault in the browser (or the browser extension) on desktop by tapping a notification on our phone. If we miss the notification on our phone (e.g. accidentally swiped away) we can always find it in “pending login requests”.

Unfortunately, this is buried under “Settings > Account security > Pending login requests”. Too many steps, making this feature more fiddly than necessary.

Instead, can the designers/developers add a notification icon to the top right corner of the Bitwarden app on Android and iOS? This icon should ideally show a number indicating how many pending login requests are waiting. The icon could even be hidden when there are no notifications. Tapping the icon would open the usual “pending login requests” screen. This would be much easier and more intuitive, especially for new users who may be unaware of this feature.

As a bonus, this notification icon could be used for other notification types as well, such as security reports, renewal notices, etc.

Thank you for considering.