PDF Export

I consider one of the safest methods of password and 2FA backup to be a hard copy in a safe. It would be nice if in addition to CSV and JSON export, bitwarden offered PDFs or HTML suitable for printing.

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can’t you choose export as PDF in exel’s settings?

The goal isn’t a PDF, but a printed document. CSV with many columns isn’t formatted well for printing.

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So what format IS suited?

A suggestion would be nice.

Just as a rough idea, something like this:

If there is interest in implementing it, I could come up with a better HTML template.


Hi, I agree that a way to print chosen objects would be really great. I will suggest a printing format less cluttered. Look at Keepass printing scheme. It would be perfect.

By the way, I suggests that this post title should be change to “Print option” or something that sounds general as it. This way, more people will get to it and it have better chances to get votes.

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This seems like a good idea. I would like to have an offline, non-digital copy of my vault.

Roboform has an option to print them out as well. I agree there are times it would be useful


I have some clients, on my Bitwarden. It would be very helpful if it is possible to export a Folder to PDF/HTML so i can print it out and hand it over to the customer.

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I would also like for this feature to be implemented at some point in the roadmap.

In addition to the other managers people have already listed, KeepassXC also has this feature. It’s more readable IMO than a printed version of the CSV file.

Unfortunately, in my experience, the import feature of KeepassXC has trouble detecting the TOTP entries in Bitwarden’s CSV exports. If it does work though, it would’ve been a nice workaround. Just import a copy of your vault into KeepassXC and let it do the formatting.


I would like such a feature as well.
A hardcopy of all my passwords would be great.
Espetialy when i can export a singel branch so i can give it to my customer.