PC desktop app and browser extension not asking for 2FA?

I have my Yubikey setup. When I open the PC desktop bitwarden app, it does not ask me for the key touch. When I open bitwarden extension on Chrome browser, it does not ask me for the key touch. The only time it asks me for the key touch is when I open web vault. Should I not get asked for the key touch for any of the methods mentioned?

You’re only prompted for 2FA on login. When you open your already logged-in vault, you’re just unlocking it, so it only needs Biometrics, Master Password, PIN, etc.

If you’d prefer to log in and use 2FA each time, you can set your Vault Timeout option to “logout”.

More info here: https://bitwarden.com/help/article/vault-timeout/


i fixed it by removing the extension from firefox and reinstalling it