Payment window in the way

Cannot get rid of the payment window and therefor could not finish a transaction (had to put sms code but that field was covererd by payment/card window of Bitwarden.

Using windows 10, browser vivaldi (chrome extension).
Thanks, Theo

Hi @Theo. That sounds very odd. Any chance you could post a screen capture of what you are seeing?

Many thanks for the quick respons, David !

Hope my english is good enough, I am a dutchmen living for 8 years now in France.

I cannot litterally recreate the same situation, so sorry.

Attached a printscreen where there is a combination (overlap) of 2 windows : a payment and a card-bitwarden.

Those 2 windows can’t be moved and since the payment-window is followed (replaced) by a screen where I have to put a security code (sms), I cannot see where to put that sms code, since the bitwarden-window covers partially the other window and neither window can be moved.

Hope this information is clear enough, Dave.

The “payment”-window looks like a pop-up-window ?

Is there something to manage in the options?

Thanks for your effort, I hope to learn from your advice / reaction.

Kind regards, Theo

Thanks for that, Theo. There are a couple of things you can do in these situations. The First is to expand your browser window to avoid the overlap. But if that doesn’t work, you can always copy the value you need then click anywhere else on the web page to make the BW extension window disappear. Then you can paste in your information for the payment.

You can also try autofilling the payment form without opening the BW extension by pressing the keyboard shortcut Control-Shift-L on your keyboard (Command-Shift-L on a Mac). I hope that answers your question! If not, let me know.