Payment via Bitpay days ago, not credit on my account yet

Hi, some days ago I’ve completed a payment to credit money to my Bitwarden account.

Done it via Bitpay, using LTC, and the credit is not arriving days after. Even contacted support, and the don’t reply.

Is this happening to somebody else?

Hi @lugodev - I would check your spam folder. It sounds like the emails from Bitwarden are not reaching your Inbox.

Hi, thanks for your answer :slight_smile: Already checked spam some times before, and not received any emails yet from Bitwarden. Not even a confirmation that they received my ticket. Is there any direct email to the support team?

Hi @lugodev, for billing assistance, you can reach our support team here.

Hi, I’ve filled that form two times, the first one was last Friday and last one yesterday. Got no response. And my money keeps floating. Is there any direct email?

Hi @lugodev the issue has been resolved and you should be receiving an email confirmation shortly.

Great, got the email. Thanks for your time folks!

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