Payment through Google play credit

Please allow to pay through google play credit.
Bitwarden doesn’t accept debit cards and I don’t have paypal.

I pay with a debit card :thinking:

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But that doesn’t work with my debit card.:sob:

What type of debit card do you have? Is it a Visa or Mastercard?

Both mastercard and visa

So you’ve tried multiple cards and they aren’t working? In that case, I’d reach out to Bitwarden support.

I think it’s probably because they are domestic debit cards.:thinking:

If you’re having issues with payment, definitely use the link @danmullen provided, we’re happy to help!


Google Play have a “tax” of about 30%, so that’s bad if everyone is paying from there, or you will accept to pay more for the same thing?

Bitwarden does not restrict the issuing region of the payment card, so your card should be able to be used. I suggest you contact your financial institution to discuss about the problem of payment issue. I suspect that they may impose certain restrictions on payment without a card or international payments.