Pasting username is pasting real name


On sites where BW can’t autofill and I have to manually paste my username and then my password, whenever I copy my username (usually philip_rhoades) and then attempt to paste it, what ends up being pasted is always: “Philip Rhoades” . . is this a known bug?


Does this also happen if you paste into an editor?

Well the copied text shows up in the Clipboard app as the proper name so . . Yes . .

Weird. Which OS, browser, Bitwarden-app or extension do you use?
2 more things:
Which clipboard “app” ? Please also try an editor that is provided with the OS.
Instead of having to “manually paste” try: Ctrl + Shift + L

I have only noticed it on Android so far:

  • Pixel2XL v11
  • Brave
  • Bitwarden app
  • Clipboard Actions
  • I don’t use any standard editor (use vim and the editor in X-Plore file manager)
  • Pasting into the standard phone app to search for a contact has the same problem
  • Ctrl + Shift + L - N/A on the phone . .