Password quality indicator

It would be handy to have Bitwarden include an indicator of the quality of the password based on settings defined by the user.
KeyPass has something like that as you see in this screenshot.

Indeed. The Bitwarden one does not look as pretty as the Keypass one, but it produces similar results.

Generated passwords? That would be easy to calculate because they’re random. (alphabet size)^(number of characters). If you’re talking about a human created password, that is more difficult because they’re not actually random and the alphabet is unknown.

There is a weak password report under the premium features that might be used as a workaround.
But it is a shame this is a premium feature as password strength checking is IMHO a core feature of a password manager.
And having this per entry like KeePass does makes it more noticeable.
+1 for this feature.

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