Password length offset option - Password generator

Currently, the Password generator allows users to set a specific length for passwords, which can lead to predictable password structures. To enhance security and introduce more variability, I propose adding an option to set a length offset. This would enable users to specify a length and an offset range, resulting in passwords of varying lengths within a specified range.

Proposed Feature:

  • Offset Setting Option: Allow users to set a desired password length (as currently possible) and define an offset range (e.g., ±6). This would result in passwords with lengths varying within the specified offset range around the central length. For example, setting a length of 18 with an offset of ±6 would produce passwords ranging from 12 to 24 characters.

  • User Interface Update: Update the password generator interface to include an “Offset” field alongside the current “Length” field. Ensure the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Offset Explanation: Provide an explanation or tooltip to help users understand how the offset range works and the security benefits of having variable-length passwords.


  • Enhanced Security: Introducing variability in password lengths makes passwords less predictable and more resistant to cracking techniques that exploit uniform length.
  • User Flexibility: Users can customize the password length variability according to their security requirements.
  • Improved Protection: Adds an extra layer of complexity, making it more challenging for attackers to use automated tools to guess passwords.

Example Implementation:

  • In the password generator settings, include:
    • A “Length” field for the desired base length of the password.
    • An “Offset” field to define the range of variability (e.g., ±6).
  • Display the potential range of lengths (e.g., “Passwords will be between 12 and 24 characters”).

Thank you for considering this feature request. I look forward to seeing it implemented in future updates!