Password Generator

Hi, I am a new user and am playing around with Bitwarden to get a feel of what’s in store before I import all the websites and passwords and am having a problem (understanding) of the Password Generator function.
Does Bitwarden enable you to generate a password and automatically do “the handshaking” on the respective website to change the password and replace the “old” password with the new password that was generated?
If so, I would appreciate help in understanding how to use Password Generate?
Thank you

Hi @BOBLINK and welcome!

The password generator is just a way to randomly generate a password/passphrase. Bitwarden doesn’t perform any changing or updating of your credentials on your behalf. When it’s time to change a password, you can use the generator to create a new password and save/update it.

I would add that, depending on the particular website, when you change your password you may be presented with a popup banner asking if you would like to save/update your password in Bitwarden.

Yes, while that’s true, sometimes (as danmullen already implied) it does not. In that case you have to update the Bitwarden vault record yourself. However, be faster than the password auto-delete from clipboard time out, after which you have lost your shiny new password (but then you may retrieve it from the Bitwarden password history). If there is a better way to deal with this, please help me out!

Thank you Dan

Thank you Jochem, I probably have 100+ passwords so this will take WAY TOO long.

Don’t update the passwords of all your accounts at once. Do it one-by-one whenever you actually use them.

Thank you for your suggestion Peter

It would be great, besides and more important for me; password generator should be more informative e.g. created pw. level, strong or weak etc. (like the other pw. managers)