Password generator integration w/ DiceKeys

DiceKeys is a new physical key generator that may be a great add-on for BitWarden’s password generator. Bruce Schneier is an adviser on their project, and he describes it better than I can:

“DiceKeys is a physical mechanism for creating and storing a 192-bit key. The idea is that you roll a special set of twenty-five dice, put them into a plastic jig, and then use an app to convert those dice into a key. You can then use that key for a variety of purposes, and regenerate it from the dice if you need to.”

I pre-ordered one myself back in August and received it a couple weeks ago. By themselves, they work as a secure, but pretty rudimentary password generator. I currently use it only for a couple of really important, unique passwords that I don’t keep in BitWarden. However, according to the DiceKeys page, they “offer an API that allows password manager apps to request your master password from the DiceKeys app, or even request a cryptographic key that will make your master password entirely unnecessary.” That kind of integration with BitWarden would incline me to use it for many more passwords and make me feel even more confident in BitWarden’s security.

I have zero advanced knowledge of how API’s, mobile app development, and cryptography work, but it does seem to me like this kind of integration could be a great enhancement for BitWarden. Also, FWIW, I can say that from my handful of interactions with them (making app suggestions & bug reports), the people at DiceKeys are responsive and straight-shooting folks. Their web site is here: