Password Generator Improvement Ideas

I love my Bitwarden (paying customer), but the password generator in Android could use some attention.

The addition of a “Create login with this password” button would make a huge difference.

The current workflow for saving a generated password seems to be:

  1. Open android shade/top drawer
  2. Click Generate Password button
  3. Password generates and I can copy it to add to app or website.

I cant easily create an entry with this long random password I didn’t even read the first three characters in order to recognise the password. So:

  1. Back out or open Bitwarden and create a new login
  2. Fill out login field
  3. Paste password from clip board - whoops it has been cleared from clipboard. How do I get to password history from new login page?
  4. Eventually find password history screen - which of these passwords were the one I used? Trial and error entry till I get the right one.

Addition of Add Login with this password button would eliminate most of this.

Alternatively replace password generator shade button with Add New Login button which gets into a different password generation UI.

Perhaps I’m missing something?

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