Password Generator available for unauthenticated users

Not sure why the Password Generator is disabled in the MacOS App for unauthenticated users. Please could you make it available?


I’m often in need of generating a password, or a secret key for an API, or a password for an account for the client, which I don’t want to store in my own Vault, etc - I would like to be able to generate the Password Generator without logging in.

Is there anything I’m missing that would prevent from making it available at all times, no matter if authenticated or not?

Many thanks

The browser extension allows unauthenticated users to create passwords. You can use this as a temporary solution. Its weird that the desktop app actually doesn’t do this. This will be a nice to feature to have.

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I’m aware it is not exactly what was asked about, but and are available too


Will you make it available for unauthenticated users though?