Password generation - custom special and ambiguous characters

Feature name

Allow adding custom character(s) to the list of ambiguous characters, as well as custom characters to the list of special characters.

Feature function

Some websites don’t let me use the character # in passwords. Don’t get me started on password security and banks unless you want a voracious diatribe… The point is, sometimes I need to generate a password which requires upper, lower, and special characters, but not “#”. One service I use specifically demands special characters, but not “^”, “#”, or “(” - seriously the open parens, but close parens is not okay (?!)

In order to meet the password requirements, sometimes it would be nice to add custom ambiguous characters to the password generator. Right now I have to revert to a command-line utility I wrote, just for these situations.

Furthermore, adding in other special characters (such as “(”, “{”, “[”, “-”, “_”, etc) would be nice - because, you know, entropy is a good thing :slight_smile: