Password generation based on pattern

I think, password generation based on selected by user pattern, will be nice to have feature. I’ve seen that option in KeePass, but i’ve never seen that feature in any mobile or www password manager.

For example will be nice to set up passwords generating in format “UUSDDDD$LL”, where U is upper case character, L is lower case character, S is special character and “$” is dolar sign.

Password generation based on pattern in KeePass:

Password managers are fantastic (particularly Bitwarden) however, there inevitably comes a time that one must type out a password, either for an unsupported platform or for a borrowed device in which you’d rather not sign into your password manager. In this case, I’d like an easy to type but, still secure password. For example, in the format of 7 sets of 3 lowercase alphanumeric characters, separated by hyphens or spaces. This is incredibly easy to read, remember, and type, and is still very secure even knowing the pattern with which it is generated.