Password correct but invalid password

I recently logged out my account from my phone and PC
So at April 3 2022 I tried to log in but it showed invalid password so I thought I might have misspelled it but when I checked where I store the password (my phone and a notebook) and it was matching but bitwarden kept saying incorrect password and I even tried the password I could possibly use but it kept saying invalid password

I don’t have the recovery code or pin

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble logging in to your vault. Are you certain you are using the correct login (email address)? Lots of us have made that mistake before.

I am 102% sure it’s the right spelling and right username

There is no recovery code or pin for it :sweat_smile:.
Maybe try writing the password first in plaintext somewhere and then copy paste that to be absolutely sure.
Or maybe try from another device.

Tried different devices and written down the pass and copy pasted

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Don’t know what to suggest you further :sweat_smile:.
You need to have your master password for logging in.
Maybe trying different version of your password with case sensitive characters.
Also refer help page here.
You can also contact bw support by writing to them if you still don’t find any solution for it.

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Tried every combination of caps and small letters

And I don’t want to delete my account as I have 0.1 btc (4.6k USD) login phases