Password change histroy

I think having an option where the last 2 or 3 passwords you used for each entry and saved so if you accidently tell BW to save a new password, but you didn’t mean to do it, you can just go to the password history of that login and change it back.

This would be especially helpful for people like me who have set up BW for their parents but they aren’t great with technology and they accidentally tell BW to update a password and when can’t log in and I have to go and reset their password for them.

But as a general feature I think it would be handy. Some sites lock your account if they think your account was being accessed by someone else, and they ask for your last 2 or 3 passwords. You’d have no idea if you used random password strings.

That’s also a feature of Dashlane for reference :

I’m looking to move away from 1Password. The password-history in 1Password did save me in some occasions (like when a password change didn’t work-out but the new password got stored anyway, or when multiple services are using the same password, stored within the same 1Password account while changing the password only changes it for just one services - all others just maintain the old password).

I’m evaluating LastPass, Dashlane and Bitwarden now. Not storing the password history is not acceptable to my way of work. I did read some suggestions of people using an extra field called ‘old_password’ and store the old password in there manually. It is a solution but it’s a quite a step backwards from for instance 1Password. So, one vote for me on this matter.

This seems to be a repeat of the vault item modification history feature request: Vault item modification history

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