Password box clear on iOS background/resume

I’m not sure if this is even possible, but if iOS generates an event to indicate when an app had been backgrounded and was then opened again, I’d like to request that Bitwarden wipe the password box. The issue I’ve found is that if you enter a password into Bitwarden iOS while it is unable to reach the server (cloud or self hosted), even if you send it to the background, the password is still filled when you restore it. So, if you’re in airplane mode or just not online, try to log in and it tells you it can’t while there’s no internet connection, unless you explicitly clear the box, the password is still there next time you bring up the app. For example, while actually on an airplane you attempt forgetting you’re in airplane mode, phone gets left behind, someone find their way into it when back on the ground and now can log into your vault if no 2fa.