Password all dots

I created a new entry in Bitwarden. I generated a password. I saved it. When I copy the password, it is all dots. Not hidden, but the actual password is all dots. I tested this multiple times. This hasn’t happened before. This is a serious issue as it could lead to me losing access to accounts. Did I do something wrong? Is this a known issue?

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It sounds like you are copying the password field (i.e. highlighting the password dots then copying). The correct way is to click on the copy symbol next to the password (looks like 2 sheets of paper one over the other) which will copy the actual password.


Yes, I agree, that is what it sounds like. I do use the copy symbol however, and when I reveal password it shows dots. If I copy it and paste it into an editor it is dots. To fix this, I had to generate a password, copy that into an editor, and paste it back into bitwarden. It only fails in this way on generating a new password directly in Bitwarden and saving that.

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Are you sure it does this every time? It sounds very odd. I generate passwords like this often and have never seen this behaviour.

Can you try again - create a new entry, generate password, save then immediately open the vault item and view the password?

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I literally just had the exact same thing happen to me, with a password that I’d been using just fine for the last few days. Today it shows as all dots, even when I go to edit, so I’ve basically lost that password. I’m extremely lucky that this happened on a password that I’m actually able to reset. Any word on whether this is a common bug?

I am pretty sure that if this kind of “issue” would occur more often you would see quite a lot of complaints in here. Searching for “dots” on this forum shows lots of hits (50+), but the only ones that actually are related to your issue are from this topic.

To solve this issue I would start with rebooting the device. Do NOT shut down and then start it again. Instead really do a reboot. In case that this would not help I would go for uninstall Bitwarden, reboot, re-install Bitwarden.

By the way: What do you get when you use the copy-function of the password and then paste it into an editor ?

I get … and when i use the reveal function its also … in orange just like other symbols usually are. I did try restarting and I tried checking in the browser addon and on my phone but it was still just … so it wasn’t device specific (originally happened on the desktop app) - just a note, it’s more than 3 dots, the forum just doesn’t show that.

Not sure what your point was with calling it an “issue” because clearly it happened to me, I’m not so dim that I can’t figure out the copy function on an app that I’ve been using for years. I didn’t just try to select and copy the text box.

I thought about it for a while and I think there’s a possibility the chrome addon updated my password incorrectly, I remember logging in and bitwarden asked if I wanted to update the password (I’d copied the PW from the desktop app, not the browser addon) and I might have clicked yes. So maybe it got the incorrect password from there. Just a thought?

It think that this perhaps might happen on a website of an organization that wants to keep a high security level (like a bank) by overwriting the password field the moment the user hits Enter or clicks a commit/send-button but I have not seen this before. Can you (try to) reproduce this behavior ?

I changed the password in bitwarden to an incorrect one, logged in with the correct password and clicked update, and it updated properly. No dots. Maybe it only happens sometimes. For reference I was logging in to the website.

As far as I know, this issue is specific to BattleNet and has to do with the way their login is coded. Here’s an open issue describing the same behavior.


Is the password the user originally set saved in the password history also in this specific scenario ?

Thanks for the response, I’ll be double careful with my bnet password.