Passphrase generation similar to like on iOS devices


Would it be possible to add some more options to Bitwardens passphrase generator to get similar passphrases like on iOS devices just on the client? I mean that passphrases wouldn’t contain existing words but speakable phrases for better remembering.

It would make life a bit easier when I generated a password and need in some cases to input it by hand.


Hey @s3tupw1zard are you referring to coherent sentences? They are inherently less secure than randomized passphrases due to a lack of randomness.

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What I see when I go into the iOS password generator is non-words that are easier to read than a totally random password. Almost as easy to read as a passphrase, but includes a capital letter and a number so that most sites with stupid password requirements will accept it: “dicveg-gEhr9-rakkeb”, for instance.

When I use a passphrase with Bitwarden, I sometimes have to add a number and capital letter due to site specific password requirements.

But then, aren’t passphrases containing words that actually exist less secure than random “words” that aren’t in any dictionary?
Or am I wrong?

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Look more closely at the current BitWarden “Generator” function. There is a radio button option to select a “PassPHRASE” instead of a “PassWORD”.

Lower down in the Password/Passphrase generator user interface, there are settings to set the “Word Separator” character. If you need something other than the default “-”, you can change it to another special character, like “@” or “#” or “$” (you get the idea).

There is a checkbox for “Capitalize”, which will make each word have a Capital First Letter.
There is a checkbox for “Include Number”, which will randomly append one random digit at the end of one of the words in the generated passphrase.

In this way, you can have your cake and eat it too, and BW will meet password complexity requirements.

  1. Special character? Check. (the separator)
  2. Mixed case? Check. (Capitalize)
  3. Numbers? Check. (Include number).