Passkeys-option not offered by Amazon

I have read many times that Amazon started to implement passkeys and that many people created one. Unfortunately Amazon does not offer this this for me:
Neither is there an option to create a passkey in the security settings of my account, nor is there an option to select passkeys in the login-dialogue.
This happens on Windows as well as on Debian and on Firefox as well as on Chrome.
I managed to create and use a passkey for Github in Bitwarden, so basically it should work.
Is this a staged rollout at Amazon, or is it limited to certain countries?
Thanks for help!

Hi @EPD! This might be something better directed to Amazon support. Here’s some additional information I found on their site about passkeys.

There is a bluetooth enabled requirement, which is a no go for me. I don’t enter my password for Amazon but I enter my TOTP code from a Yubi, which pops up with one click. Works well and is better than requiring the password too. My .02

I don’t recall but I think I have to be on a recognized IP to avoid the password too thing. When I log into Amazon I use a specific VPN so the IP is the same regardless of where I am in the world, LOL!