Passkeys on Mac?

I have asked this question on reddit but i got no answers.

So in general I don’t use 1 browser. So i created a passkey for bitwarden using my mac with brave. It let me create the passkey & i can log into brave using the passkey. For some reason every other browser doesn’t work. For example in Safari i do get the “authenticate webauthn” button but when i click it i have two options:

r/Bitwarden - Passkeys on Mac?

At the time of this writing i have the latest version of every browser i’m testing with along with MacOS. I’ve tried the IPhone option but it only shows a QR Code & the “Security Key” option is waiting until i insert a yubikey (or such device). Honestly i’m not 100% clear how passkeys work but i believe they are stored in keychain. I would assume you wouldn’t have to create a passkey per browser. That would be a nightmare. I also tried LibreWolf & pretty much the same thing happened. Anyone know?

So i just tried on another site that has passkeys & both Brave & Safari worked (but Librewolf didn’t but it might be the wierd way that firefox/librewolf deals with passkeys). Anyways maybe this is a bug with how bitwarden deals with passkeys?

Seems like there is crickets on this :). I am a premium member should i contact support & submit a ticket?

As far as I know, Bitwarden currently doesn’t support accessing the app by passkey or storing passkeys. Both features are coming soon, but they aren’t available yet. You can see more information about them in the Bitwarden blog post here: Bitwarden to launch passkey management | Bitwarden Blog and on the Bitwarden roadmap here: Bitwarden Roadmap .

Your post seems to have a lot of implied questions about a less-used configuration, which may be why you haven’t gotten any responses yet. In my experience, people on Reddit are more likely to respond to questions about specific use cases.

If you still have questions after reading the links above, I suggest breaking them down into smaller manageable chunks and posting them on Reddit one at a time. Just keep in mind that many people have short attention spans, so it’s best to keep your posts concise.

Good luck.

I think your talking about bitwarden storing passkeys. I realize that isn’t available yet and will be coming soon but, as far as i can tell, you can use passkeys a your preferred method of 2nd factor authentication. For example:


Yes, I did miss that crucial information that you are trying to use your Mac-WebAuthn as a 2FA. First, let me say that I don’t use Apple’s products, and I don’t use FIDO2/WebAuthn as my BW’s 2FA either. I do use WebAuthn/Windows Hello as 2FA for services that support them.

Your post as it is doesn’t seem to attract interests to be helpful to you. So, these are suggestions that you can consider (or not).

  1. Posting to Reddit usually generates faster and more responses. I’d suggest not using the word “Passkey” in this context, even if the OS’ prompt suggests it, because this term is currently used as a way to access BW and other services instead of the password, not as a 2FA. Use “FIDO2/Webauthn” and hard-to-miss “2FA”.

  2. I understand that you don’t want to create another passkey/WebAuthn for BW, but can you, using Safari, via the “Manage” button for the WebAuthn as 2FA (Two-step Login via FIDO2 WebAuthn | Bitwarden Help Center) or not? If you can, maybe that can work as a workaround. If not, it may be a BW or Safari/MacOS issue with WebAuthn.