Passkey not working on Firefox browser

Is anyone else having a problem with trying to use a passkey created for Amazon and using the Firefox browser(desktop)? I originally created the pk in Chrome and it works there, but when I try to use it with Firefox, the website doesn’t even give me the option to use a pk.

Passkey signin is working OK for Google on my Windows PC using Firefox and BW. Same with MacOS.

I can’t get Passkeys to work properly on Amazon with any browser I have tried or any OS.

i’ve been using Bitwarden’s passkeys for my Personal Google account for at least a couple weeks and it’s been pretty seamless on Firefox. But it just won’t work on my Google Business account.

Google doesn’t ask for a passkey on login to the Business account, but when i look in the account settings, it does say I made a passkey on the Google account. I can also see the passkey in the Bitwarden Login entry. However, when I try to make a new passkey to hopefully fix it, Bitwarden isn’t giving me the option to overwrite the previous passkey!

Screenshot 2023-12-08 233248

When I remove the username and password from the old Login entry, put in the credentials into a new Login without the previous old passkey, and attempt to create Passkey with Google, it just says this! No option to refer back to browser for Windows prompt, no ability to overwrite the passkey to this entry or write it to a different Login entry!

this is so wonky

Are you using Windows 10 or 11?

Windows 10