Passkey android beta

Hi there,

I enrolled in the beta for android and I understand passkeys are now available.

I’ve selected BW in the settings for passkey in the android OS.

When I get to create a passkey for Uber or Whatsapp, I get an error message saying “passkey not supported for thsi app”.

I’m confused… are passkeys available now for android beta or not? :slight_smile:


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@Frengo Here are some infos on what else must be configured so that it works - and what the conditions might be (don’t miss the tab “Android (beta)”): Storing Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center

thank you… the issue is just that bitwarden doesn’t support passkeys for apps. lol.

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I enrolled in the beta and followed all instructions. Unfortunately if I want to add passkeys on or, the Google password manager keeps prompting to save passkeys, not the bitwarden prompt.

Any suggestions?


What do you mean by “all instructions”?

Did you especially read this here: Storing Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center (the section “Using passkeys with Bitwarden” and what follow, incl. the tab “Android (beta)”)

These instructions: Storing Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center

Im running Android 14/ OnePlus 10 pro

Same issue here, with Android 14.0.0 (AP1A.240405.002) in my Pixel 6. Google Password Manager keeps jumping instead of Bitwarden 2024.4.1 (beta) or 2024.4.2 (latest release) when I try to create a passkey at or

I followed all this steps:

  • Enable 3rd party passkey providers in your web browser’s flags (e.g. chrome://flags). Brave Browser in my case.
  • Disable and re-enable Bitwarden as your auto-fill provider once updated to the latest version.
  • Reboot your phone after changing the above settings.
  • Remove any passkeys stored in Google Password Manager, as Android will preference this provider.

I had the same issue. Fixed by changing the flag value to (Enable for Google Password Manager and third party). Dont forget to set Bitwarden as default passkey app in the phone settings. Works well even without phone restart.

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Great catch, @Hazz!! I followed your fix and now Bitwarden is offering to save the passkey. :smiley:

Im having the same issue as well. Follow all the steps, restarted many times still only the default google passwors manager is showing.

1 website that was having issue was

I think the Chrome and at least some other Chromium based browser “Enable 3rd party passkey providers” or " Enable for Google Password Manager and 3rd party passkeys" flags are not longer present a the 125.x.xxxx.xx release and now I’m seeing the Google Password Manager prompt when I try to save a passkey. Is this happening to more users?

A solution was posted at this issue report on GitHub. I’m again using BW to create or use passkeys with latest Brave Browser (based on Chromium 125), on my Pixel 6.

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@aamadorj Thanks for sharing that info here! :smiley:

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