Panasonic Comfort Cloud

Recently I have installed Panasonic Comfort Cloud app on my Android S10 phone. This way I can control my 4 airco units which are installed at my home.

Does any one know what URI to use to autologin starting the app. Guess that URI must be starting with androidapp://

There are a few ways you can do this. The easiest is to go to the Play Store in a web browser and search for the app. The package name will be in the address bar, i.e.:

So it’s androidapp://

Hi Dan,

Many thanks for your reply! The app was already installed and the airco units connected. I can also control the airco’s from my phone (android S10).

However after every reboot of my phone I need to enter manually username and password (or copy/paste from Bitwarden app). I am wondering what the URI is that the login sequence uses and will be recognized by Bitwarden to do an auto login.

I did enter the URI as you suggested but that doesn’t do what I expect (autologin)

I’m not sure that Bitwarden supports autologin to Android apps. It works on web. As far as I know, apps require interaction from the user.

Hi Dan,
I am quiet certain that Bitwarden does support this on Android apps. For example: I use the Authy app. For itś purpose the URI is androidapp://com.authy.authy. Another example is androidapp://nl.tls.ovchip. Both are coming from the Bitwarden vault

Maye another forum member has an answer

When you say “autologin”, do you mean the apps get populated with your credentials without you doing anything at all? If you have the autofill option turned on in BW, maybe they’ll do that. I thought that option was for web pages only… maybe not. I personally don’t use autofill. I click in the password box then choose the credentials I want to be populated.

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Dan is correct - Bitwarden provides autofill for Android apps, but you can’t use Bitwarden to launch apps from the Bitwarden mobile app interface, as you can do for websites. To my knowledge, there is also no automated auto-fill for passwords, as you can do for websites - instead, you have to tap the username or password text box to get BW to offer auto-fill. Once you select the correct credential, BW will populate your username and password so that you don’t have to manually copy and paste.

On my Samsung phones (S7, S8, S20), BW has always offered to remember passwords (when prompted to fill, choose Yes and Save, or something like that). I have never had to manually enter in an app URI, so I can’t help there - sorry.

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Hi David and Dan,
The way Dan describes the behavior is correct. Let me add a bit more context in the post of David: “you have to tape the username or password text box - in the app - to get BW to off auto-fill those credentials”.

My initial questions remains: does anybody has an advice on the URI for the Panansonic comfort cloud app. In such a way that BW offers the credentials when you tap inside the username or password text box in the app?

The URI I posted earlier should be correct for that app: androidapp://

If it doesn’t work, it’s possible to use ADB to find out the package name for an app.


I just installed this app and used Bitwarden with these credentials:


As you can see from the following screenshots it does work as expected:




Can’t get it to work. Must be one of the settings of Bitwarden on my Android S10 phone (most recent version with all updates). What does work is when I do enable the “Remember me” function. Anybody any clues?