Owner of bwdata changes to nobody:nogroup after start


I’m following the recommendation to run Docker as user bitwarden (instead of root) since a few days.
Now I recognized that owner of the directory bwdata changes from bitwarden to nobody:nogroup after start running

root@server:/opt/bitwarden# su bitwarden
bitwarden@server:/opt/bitwarden$ bitwarden.sh start
bitwarden.sh version 2024.3.0
Docker version 26.0.0, build 2ae903e
Docker Compose version v2.25.0
bitwarden@server:/opt/bitwarden$ ls -lah
total 20K
drwxrwx---  3 bitwarden bitwarden 4.0K Apr  6 05:40 .
drwxr-xr-x  9 root      root      4.0K Mar 11 16:50 ..
-rwxrwx---  1 bitwarden bitwarden 7.0K Apr  6 05:40 bitwarden.sh
drwxrwx--- 14 nobody    nogroup   4.0K Apr  2 22:46 bwdata

This leads to

/opt/bitwarden/bitwarden.sh: line 242: /opt/bitwarden/bwdata/scripts/run.sh: Permission denied

with the next execution of bitwarden.sh.
I’ve already changed the directory chmod to 770 (instead of 700).

Any idea what needs to be done?

Got it. Did a new installation. Transferred all permissions accordingly. And set UID/GID in bwdata/env/uid.env correct. :face_with_peeking_eye: