Override roboform without uninstalling

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Ive just installed bitwarden and I like it a lot so far! We use roboform now. We’re running Windows 10 and firefox.

I’ve imported my roboform passwords successfully. I can see my vault. I’m having trouble, though, making a password I imported work the way it should. I think roboform is “in charge” somehow and I need to get bitwarden to override RF. I can use a password in RF that I know automatically fills and logs in in one click. But when I use bitwarden to launch the same password, it stalls at the field with empty name and password windows that RF automatically fills, and it prompts me to let RF do the rest, rather than do it itself.

OTHER THAN UNINSTALLING RF, which I won’t do until I’m well and truly satisfied with any replacement, how can I override it to let bitwarden do its thing? Just closing RF doesn’t do that.?


This prompt is not from Bitwarden, it is most likely from RoboForm.

I’m not familiar with RoboForm myself, but if you go into its settings, I would be surprised if they don’t offer an option to disable auto-fill. This may be sufficient to prevent it from interfering with Bitwarden.

Another thing that you can try is to do your testing in the browser’s private/incognito mode. At least in Chrome, I know that each browser extension must be explicitly authorized to run in Incognito mode. Thus, you can allow Bitwarden to run in Incognito mode, but don’t allow RoboForm to run in Incognito mode.

Thanks. I did disable (not uninstall or remove) the FF roboform extension and that does omit or prevent the prompt I was getting to try to let me use RF to complete the fill and log in step.

My pblm now is that even with that, when I click any password in BW it goes to the app’s login page I’m trying to log into, but it does nothing once it’s there. It does not populate the name and password blank boxes of the app’s log in page and doesn’t offer me an BW type icon to click on to make it do so.

What do I need to do next?

You may wish to look into enabling auto-fill on page load in your browser settings.

You may be asking for an overlay pop-up of sorts similar to how roboform and some other password managers have.
This is a current feature request