Organizations and Collections


I have been a KeePass user for years. Based on the latest Linux Journal article, I am giving Bitwarden a try. I hope the integration between all my devices and browsers will be a big benefit. I use win10 and Android with Chrome as a browser, my wife uses win10 and IOS devices with Chrome.

I signed up for an “always free” account, with the intention of sharing it with my wife. I was under the assumption that we could keep our password databases separate with collections.

I had my KeePass 1.x entries organized into folders and subfolders. The xml export from KeePass 1.x will not import into Bitwarden, so I installed KeePass 2.x and imported the 1.x database into 2.x. Exporting xml from KeePass 2.x also failed importing into Bitwarden with an error that said too many organizations. I finally figured out that it could not deal with my folder structure. I moved all my folders to the top level in KeePass and exported them one at a time. I was then able to import them into the default vault, My Vault, that is in the blue heading at the top of the page.

I was able to create folders and folder/subfolders to organize my database in a similar fashion to what it looked like in KeePass. I have over 20 folders and subfolders with over 500 password entries. So far, so good.

I installed the Win10 web app and Chrome browser extention and the Andriod app. These seem to work well. Again, so far so good. I wanted to test it with my database before setting up my wife.

Here is where my confusion starts. I saw a default collection at the bottom of My Vault and renamed it Denny for me. I created a new collection and named it Jean for my wife. I invited her and successfully added her as a user with access to only the Jean collection. As the owner, I have access to both collections.

If I click the My Vault tab in the blue title bar, I see all my folders and entries. However, if I click the Denny collection at the bottom of the left column, I see nothing in the My Vault middle column, just “There are no items to list.”.

Furthermore, I logged out of the web interface as myself and logged in with my wife’s credentials. I created a test entry in her My Vault. When I log out as her, and log in as myself, I do not see this test entry in the Jean collection.

What is going on here? Is this documented anywhere? I have spent several hours Googling with no joy. The docs I find about Organizations and Collections and Folders do not help.

I am hoping that there is a way to have my database show up in the Denny collection and my wife’s database show up in the Jean collection. As the owner, I should be able to see both collections, As a user, my wife should only see the Jean collection.

If someone can shed some light on this, I’d really appreciate it.