Organizations: Allow adding new items but disallow editing existing items

I am trying to set up an organization for my familiy.
In brief: I am searching for an option to prevent users from editing existing entries but allow them to add new ones
To prevent the other (less experienced) users from deleting or messing up existing entries I have set them to “read only”.
On the other hand they may create new log ins and want to add them to Bitwarden and the family organization. With “read only” they can’t do so.
What might be a solution for this?
Thanks for help!

I’m just getting started with Bitwarden, but I have thought about this very same problem. I have a work-around idea (which I have not yet tested), which is to create two Collections, and to provide read-only access to one collection (the one you are curating for them), but read/write access to the second collection (where they can add new entries). Then you could periodically move items from the second collection into the read-only collection as your users create new logins (I assume it is easy to move vault items between collections, but I have no experience with this). Let me know if this works, or if you run into any issues.